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Dropshipping Gets Serious in this Spocket review.

It’s true, we all know dropshipping has a bad name in certain corners of the internet. Many people in the industry have experienced the horror of review shock. ‘What’s that!?’ I hear you ask in a shrill, anxious voice. Well, let me enlighten you. Often occurring but seldom spoken of, review shock is the cold terror you feel in your central nervous system when an irate customer sends you an email with photos of a product that definitely isn’t meeting anyone’s expectations. Although far from endemic, review shock occurs often enough to cause great damage to how dropshipping is perceived by the public, giving it a name for hit-and-miss product quality. This perception of hit-and-miss product quality and the international chaos caused to courier services by overzealous lockdowns almost seemed enough to destroy the dropshipping industry in 2020. But, waiting in the wings for 3 years before any of us even knew COVID7 from COVID19, was a hero to reinvigorate our hope for the much-maligned dropshipping industry. That hero is Spocket.

Spocket Products | Rico Resources by Rico Suarez

Shuffling onto the scene in 2017, Spocket is a powerful and efficient dropshipping solution from Canada. Casting off the time consuming processes often associated with dropshipping, Spocket streamlines its technology, giving retailers and consumers alike an app and an online identity that is universally synonymous with an easier and more enjoyable experience. Let me give you an idea of why the Spocket dropshipping experience is so special:

An Automatic Selling Machine

Enough can’t be said about the revolutionary advantage the automated selling features offer merchants. Eliminating the need for manually placing orders, this feature allows merchants to connect with hundreds of international suppliers and provide the best quality products to their customers. 

Marginal Victory and Happy Brandings

Another feature of Spocket is its generous discount margin of 30-60%, keeping a vital financial flow for merchants. Also, it might not seem like a big thing but Spocket allows you to create customised invoices. What this means is that when people receive your product, they’re not immediately thrown off by an invoice that clearly doesn’t bear the name of your business. This sort of uniformity helps create strong credibility for your business and fosters a deeper trust from your customers. 

And lastly, yes, we finally have a cure for review shock!

Goodbye to Review Shock

A big shift from standard dropshipping with Spocket is their investigation/interview process with manufacturers, making sure to fervently vet all companies that make their services available to merchants. What this leads to is much higher quality goods being available and a healthy level of trust for Spocket retailers in general. 

So, what about the cost? Well, Spocket pricing to become a vendor is an astonishing zero dollars! This will give you an immediate ability to answer the “how does spocket work” question in a little more detail, should you want to log on now and try it for yourself. Spocket already has collaborations in play with Shopify, Wix and Woocommerce. It also has a rapidly expanding base of over 50,000 vendors. It’s clear from their success that Spocket may just be the future of dropshipping and, hopefully, review shock will be left in the past. 

Spocket Pricing Plans | Rico Resources by Rico Suarez

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