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If there is anything that nothing can beat in the Philippines, it is its postcard beaches. The
Philippines is home to some of the world’s best beaches, easily comparable to its
neighboring countries. No matter which part of the country you’re visiting, you’re going to
find a stunning beach nearby. Not only will you be able to enjoy surreal views of the white
sand and turquoise waters of the beaches, but you can also experience several activities
such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and island hopping, etc.

It is hard to sort the list of best beaches in the country as each beach is a beauty in itself.
But if you’re visiting the Philippines for a few days only, below is a list of top beaches that
you should not miss!

Napcan Beach – El Nido

Just 20 km from El Nido on the island of Palawan, you will find the breathtaking Napcan
Beach. This long beach features palm trees and strong waves, ideal for surfing. You can
relax and sunbathe here amidst the stunning backdrop of nature and even enjoy a
motorcycle ride around the town and spot rice fields, palm trees and interact with the local

White Beach – Boracay

For many, the island of Boracay is too touristy, and there is no doubt why. The island
features some of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines, including the famous
White Beach. The White Beach is not only popular for its picturesque landscape but also
because of many activities tourists can enjoy here such as shopping, nightlife, swimming
and much more.

Langob Beach – Malapascua

Langob Beach in Malapascua island is another fantastic beach famous for surf-friendly
waves. It is a secluded beach with very few people visiting, perfect for those who want to
relax away from the crowds. You can easily reach the Langob Beach on a boat from the
Bounty Beach.

Kalanggaman Island Beach

This long white sand beach is widely popular among the tourists due to the pristine white
sands, clear turquoise waters and coconut trees. While the beach is very famous, it would
not be wrong to say that it still remains unspoiled.
Coconut Beach – Port Barton
Photo credit: piluka89
You can tell why this beach is special by the name, right? Coconut Beach is lined with
coconut palms. The calm sea and all the coconut trees together make this beach simply
spectacular and a must-visit in the Philippines.

Alegria Beach – Siargao

Last but not least on the list is, Alegria Beach in Siargao Island. The beach features
spectacular white sand and crystal clear water. Like the other beaches of the Philippines,
Alegria Beach is also lined up with coconut palms. The whole scenery of the beach looks
like a postcard. There are not many tourists at the beach, making it one of the most
beautiful spots to visit in the Philippines. There is a little reef at the beach, deep enough
to swim in.


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