5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Iceland at Least Once!

Rico Resources » 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Iceland at Least Once!

Do you remember the epic car scene on a breathtaking frozen lake in Fast and Furious 8? Well, that
was shot at Lake Mývatn in Iceland, and that’s not it. Iceland has been a prime shooting location for
many movies and Tv shows. If you are someone like me who is curious to visit places that have also
been shown in movies like Lord of the Rings in New Zealand, then you must consider a trip to

Traveling to this beautiful land feels like traveling to a whole different world. Its eye-catching
topography and kindhearted people will make you want even to settle there! If you are unsure about
whether or not you should visit this country, here is a list of five reasons why seeing Iceland would be
one of the best decisions of your life! And yes, you can thank me later.

1. Breathtaking Nature

One thing that any traveler would tell you about Iceland is its nature. You can find varying
topographical features in this land that would leave you in absolute bewilderment.
The first thing that people adore here is the active-volcanic sites. These volcanoes create fields of
moss-coated lava, jagged peaks, and vast craters. These volcanic forces result in the building of hot
springs as well as explosive geysers. People who have witnessed this sight would tell you how
magnificent this all looks like.
Another fantastic thing about its nature is the waterfall here. Did you know that Iceland is home to the
biggest waterfall in the world? Well, this fact makes Iceland even more worthy of your time.

2. Unique Fauna and Flora

Well, Iceland is also known for its distinct plants and animals. You might not be able to see this
unique flora and fauna anywhere else in the world. From its horses to arctic fox, you can find many
fascinating creatures here. If you want to take beautiful pictures and make your Instagram wall look
aesthetic (and gain some engaging followers too), you should not miss out on this place under any

3. Dogsledding

Do you love dogs? If yes, then here is another reason why you need to visit Iceland at least once in
your lifetime. At any time of the year, you can visit the countryside of Iceland and go dogsledding. It is
a unique experience that you might not be able to enjoy in any other place. About six to eight Husky
dogs pull the two sleds while you can calmly enjoy the scenery around you. It is an excellent
opportunity for you to relax. Don’t forget to get a go pro cam to capture your adventurous ride.

4. Experience Icelanders’ Food

Well, if we are honest, you will eat a lot of sauce on your stay in Iceland. The people in Iceland add
sauce to literally everything (some may even find it pretty odd lol)! So, if you want to let your taste
buds taste something peculiar yet delicious, you should visit Iceland as soon as possible. The people
are experimental with their food items, and so the restaurants here are surely going to blow your
mind. You are surely going to have a watery mouth every time you think about the food here.

5. Play Golf at Anytime

Play with a view, this is imagined by many but only experienced by some. One of the unique things
about Iceland is that during the summer season, you get to play golf for 24 hours in most places. The
golf courses here are famous for being located in some of the finest scenic beauty regions. You get to
play a sport while also admiring the beauty of the land.


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